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Meet the Cottontails

Hopping down the bunny trail!
We declare this the year of the rabbit. These underrated critters are so much more than cuddly good looks. There’s a lot to learn from bunnies (just keep reading). Get ready to meet the most adorable 4-footed family around. We’re jumping with joy over these Easter décor arrivals–exclusive to Country Door. But beware, buying one Cottontail can lead to more. They seem to breed like, well, rabbits.

Each Cottontails piece […]

Make the Most of Your Living Room and Dining Room Combo

Open floor plans and small spaces can make it difficult to delineate the living room and dining room. With no walls in between, the two rooms can merge together and pose a unique decorating dilemma. But here’s the good news—an open floor plan has more potential than challenges. The key is to maintain a consistent style and use furniture and accent pieces to define areas.

Here’s some quick How-to’s to turn a living/dining room combo into […]

How to Buy Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets Buying and Care Guide
There are hundreds of bed sheets online and in stores. The selection can be overwhelming. Thread counts, fabrics, weaves, fit–who knew choosing sheets could be so complicated?

Here’s some answers to your most burning questions about sheets. Hopefully they make the next bed linen shopping trip a little easier.
What is thread count?
Thread count refers to the tightness of the weave and the number of threads per square inch. The higher the thread […]

Decorate Your Home with Quilts

5 Creative Ways to Display Your Quilts
Someone once said, “A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.” We couldn’t agree more. But quilts aren’t just for beds. Think outside the box (springs) and use your linens to decorate. Since ancient times, tapestries have been hung as show-stopping wall art. What’s worked for centuries, still looks good today. Here’s our top 5 tips for turning quilts into décor.
1. Group Quilts Together
Get them out […]

How to Pick an Artificial Christmas Tree

The Ultimate Guide on When to Replace Household Items

Here is our handy guide on when to replace common household items
How long has it been since you replaced your mattress? And when did you buy that fire extinguisher? What is the shelf life for a jar of dried oregano? Our homes are filled with so many items that often fade into the background as we go about our daily routines. Take a moment to turn your attention to many of these household items to […]

How to Wash Towels to Keep them Looking Good and Feeling Soft

Top Tips on How to Wash Towels
Ever wondered if you should wash towels differently compared to how you wash the rest of your clothes? The answer is yes! Your towels will benefit from a different washing method to keep them clean, fresh smelling and absorbent. Here are the basics for washing your towels.
Washing Towels for the First Time
When you bring those freshly purchased towels home, be sure to wash them before using them for the […]

25 Days of Christmas


2) Start a Tradition
Host a Christmas tree slumber party! Share your favorite holiday memories and fall asleep to the soft glow of twinkling lights. Gift Hint: Put together a “slumber party” basket with sleep mask, lotions and treats. More about starting new Christmas traditions here.

3) Call Old Friends
Track down old friends. Make a phone call a day to tell someone you’re thinking of them. It’s time to reach out and reconnect. Gift Hint: Create a […]

Christmas Bedroom Decorations for the Holidays

How to Decorate a Bedroom for Christmas
When we think about decorating for the holidays, we immediately think about how we will transform our everyday living room and dining room areas with festive Christmas décor. Rarely do we give our bedrooms as much consideration, if any at all. Not this season! This year, bring the beauty of the holidays to your bedroom with these easy ideas to extend holiday cheer from your main areas into your […]

Create a Winter Wonderland With Snowman Decorations

Decorate This Winter With the Whimsical Charm of Snowmen
That iconic frosty face is friendly, charming and right in tune with the holiday season. Enlist a crowd of snowmen to do the heavy lifting of winter decorating for you. No matter what the weather forecast calls for, you can count on irresistible snowman decorations to create a winter wonderland regardless of how much real snow falls on your front lawn. Best of all, those chilly friends […]